We Support Reproductive Justice in the South

We are furious about the anti-choice bills that have recently passed in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Ohio, and Mississippi.

We see these bills are a step in the march to overturn Roe v. Wade — and we’re eager to fight back.

Here are a few crucial reproductive rights organizations in the states affected by the most recent group of laws restricting the rights and bodily autonomy of people seeking abortions.

Put your outrage to work and help these organizations fight the oppressive systems in the states where they work.

Georgia, Ohio, Mississippi, and Kentucky have passed "fetal heartbeat bills" that restrict abortion after 6 weeks. 

Help Georgia fight back:

Get the facts about abortion laws and restrictions in Ohio, and then support these organizations:

In Mississippi, support the Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Fund.

In Kentucky, you can give to:

Alabama criminalized abortion in every situation included rape and incest.

Let that sink in. Then go support the Yellow Hammer Fund.

Finally, in Missouri, you can support Gateway Women’s Access Fund.


A note on reproductive justice and gender equality

We’ve seen reproductive justice touted specifically as a "women's issue" and regarding "women's health" We recognize this omits to those who do not identify as women in the nonbinary/transgender community, and that it contributes to oppression and erasure. Reproductive justice is an issue that impacts all bodies and all genders. We fight for all people seeking reproductive care.