Help End Gun Violence // Donate To These Organizations

In less than 24 hours, two American cities were devastated by mass acts of gun violence.

On Saturday, 20 people were killed and 26 injured in a mass shooting in El Paso, Texas.

On Sunday, 9 people were killed and at least 26 injured in a shooting in downtown Dayton, Ohio.

“Thoughts and prayers” are not enough.

We’re devastated. We’re sickened. We’re angry. We're tired of the constant news cycle repeatedly announcing mass shooting over mass shooting.

We’ve compiled a list of organizations nation wide who are working to end gun violence in America once and for all.

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Find an organization near you and volunteer, or show up at a protest or event. Call your government representatives and let them know what meaningful gun control looks like to you. Write an article or op-ed, a story, or make art in response to how these senseless acts of violence make you feel. And if you are able, please donate to one or more of these organizations so that they can continue fighting for American lives:

Brady Against Gun Violence → DONATE

Everytown → DONATE

Gays Against Guns → DONATE

Giffords / Giffords Law Center → DONATE

Moms Demand Action → DONATE

Newtown Action Alliance → DONATE

Sandy Hook Promise → DONATE

The Coalition to End Gun Violence → DONATE

Women Against Gun Violence → DONATE

Do you have an organization to add to this list? Leave a comment below.