Meet The Founders of The Freya Project

Nonie and Natalka are writers and activists who started The Freya Project in January of 2017. Originally galvanized by the results of the 2016 presidential election, their activism and aspirations have transformed over the past two years. Nonie and Natalka support women and non-binary people across the country emotionally by sharing and uplifting the stories of women and non-binary people, and tangibly by raising money for organizations fighting for human rights.

Watch this video and read our Q&A to get to know these two incredible women, the origins of The Freya Project, and where we hope to go next.

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BACKFIRE // Danielle Lazarin

I spent most of my childhood afraid of flying objects. Not UFOs, not bats, which sometimes flew in our Bronx backyard, but sporty flying objects: balls, rackets, any sort of equipment that might collide with my body unexpectedly (or worse, on purpose). My childhood activities included reading in closets and setting up pretend stores with my sisters and lots of bike riding, but why anyone joined a sports team was beyond my comprehension.

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