The Event Series

We are so thankful to everyone who has been a part of our events and helped us support these vital programs.

Southwest Women's Law Center
Creating the opportunity for women in New Mexico to realize their full economic and personal potential by eliminating gender bias, discrimination and harassment; lifting women and their families out of poverty; and ensuring that all women have full control over their reproductive lives through access to comprehensive reproductive health services and information.
Chicago Abortion Fund
Promoting reproductive justice by funding abortions, advocating for reproductive autonomy, and organizing for racial, gender, and economic justice.
Newtown Action Alliance
Providing comfort, education, scholarship and other support and resources to people and communities impacted by or living in the aftermath of gun violence.
Journalism and Women Symposium
Supporting the professional empowerment and personal growth of women in journalism.
North Dakota WIN Fund
Serving as a safety net for women who would not otherwise be able to obtain an abortion.
SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW
Building and sustaining a powerful Southern reproductive justice movement.
Access Reproductive Care - Southeast
Helping individuals living in the South access safe, compassionate, and affordable reproductive care by offering financial and logistical support.
Family Tree Clinic
A leading reproductive and sexual health care clinic committed to improving the health of LGBTQ individuals through affordable, respectful sexual health care and education.
Arkansas Abortion Support Network
Working to reduce barriers to abortion access in Arkansas through clinic escorting, abortion funding, and community outreach & education.
A message from Leigh Bawcom, Development Director for Bridges Domestic Violence Center
The only domestic violence shelter in Williamson county, Tennessee. A 24-hour crisis hotline to provide immediate assistance, an outreach support group, and shelter at an undisclosed location. Serving community members affected by domestic violence, ensuring a safe transition to successful independent living.
The Afiya Center
The Afiya Center serves Black women and girls by transforming their relationship with their sexual and reproductive health through addressing the consequences of reproductive oppression. With a special appearance by Marsha Jones, Executive Director of The Afiya Center.
Refugee Women's Network
Empowering women survivors of war to become leaders in their homes, businesses, and communities.
La Frontera Fund
Providing practical support to people seeking abortions in the Rio Grande Valley.
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